• New Brownie Buttons

    When I am in a bakery or perusing the dessert menu at a restaurant, I always want just a taste…of just about everything! Hard to do when everything is full size, or even super size.

    That’s why I’m excited to announce our newest and cutest brownie, the button. Brownie button’s are bite-size fudge brownies that offer one delicious bite of each of our rich, fudge brownie flavors. The new Brownie Button Gift Box offers an assortment of a dozen Sweet Muse gourmet brownie flavors in a bright red ballotin box. Like a box of assorted chocolates, this gift box is a delightful surprise and is great for sampling the many brownie flavors offered by Sweet Muse. So, if you want to try all of our indulgent flavors, now you can, just one yummy bite at a time.

    Brownie Buttons Gift Box

    Brownie Buttons

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