• A perfect wine for brownies

    At the Swirl Events wine and dessert tasting, Anu Karwa picked the perfect wine to pair with our deep dark double fudge and cappuccino brownies, Lingot Martin Cerdon-Bugey, a lightly sparkling rose. As Daniel, the sommelier at my table, explained, this slightly sweet, slightly fruity wine works well with the rich chocolate flavor of the brownies, while the wine’s crispness provides a refreshing contrast. Everyone appeared to love this wine, and many returned for seconds, maybe even thirds (I really wasn’t counting.)

    So, along with meeting 5 other artisanal dessert makers and many dessert lovers, I also learned about this wonderful wine to pair with Sweet Muse fudgy brownies!

    Standing ready to share Sweet Muse brownies
    A closer look

    Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 at 20:17
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