• Finding some love for Valentine’s Day

    A lot of people don’t like Valentine’s Day.  It’s a made up holiday they say.  Others see it as a reminder that they aren’t in a relationship and want to be.  There are those in a relationship that don’t like feeling obligated to “do something” to show their love on this specified day.  It’s also hard to like the spike in the price of chocolate and roses that go along with February 14th.  All pretty legitimate gripes.  And you can probably think of a few others.

    I’m wondering if there’s a way to bring back a little love for Valentine’s Day by loosening the way we think about it.  Afterall, it’s not the only “made up” holiday out there.  And, what’s wrong with creating reasons to celebrate anyway? 

    Maybe we could  just look at Valentine’s Day as a day set aside to remind us to celebrate who and what we love about life.  These days when we require online pop-up reminders and phone alarms to keep us on track with all the events, appointments, and tasks we are packing in, Valentine’s Day can be a somewhat larger stickie on the calendar.  It can serve to remind us to shift our focus from all the things we are supposed to do, many of which we far from love, to the people and things in our life that we do.

    In a relationship?  Wonderful.  You’re not going to show how much you appreciate that person only on Valentine’s Day, but it’s a great opportunity to do so.  And let’s not limit the day only to romantic relationships.  Maybe there’s a friend who could use a little cheer or a friendship for which you are particularly grateful.  If you are not in a romantic relationship, invite that friend to do something fun and celebrate how special that relationship is.  Call a friend to get together for coffee, go for a walk, or share a treat together.  And it doesn’t have to be on the 14th, that’s just the reminder on the calendar.

    And finally, how great if Valentine’s Day just became less about what you should do or are supposed to do and became more about what you LOVE to do.   It’s probably not hard to list a few things that you love to do and have not done in some time.  Devote some time on Valentine’s Day.

    Celebrate who and what you love.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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