• All Kinds of Love

    Hey there brownie lovers! Happy winter!

    You’re probably looking at that greeting and rolling your eyes, thinking to yourself, “What’s happy about winter?” You’re probably thinking about how the weather has been even colder than usual, school or work is stressing you out, and perhaps worst of all, Valentine’s Day is coming up. Yuck!

    However, even if those are your exact sentiments, there is a light at the end of this long, dark, cold tunnel, if you are open to it. I want to reinforce ideas from last year’s Valentine’s Day post about how this day can, and should, be one filled with love and happiness no matter what your feelings for this time of year might be.

    Valentine’s Day is a day that has been commercialized as a couple’s “holiday” all about romantic dinners and rendezvous. Women in relationships can revel in gifts such as jewelry or over-sized teddy bears, while men in relationships might get really excited about eating chocolate. And this is fine; couples across the country should be excited about giving and receiving these expressions of love. However, this doesn’t mean single people should hide in their rooms trying to drown themselves in candy and sad songs. There are reasons for everyone to feel the love on Valentine’s Day. Love of all kinds is important, especially on a day when love is to be celebrated.

    On Valentine’s Day, people can be having friend dates and going to the movies together, or splitting a delicious meal. People can be spending time with their parents, playing a favorite family board game, or just sitting around the kitchen table chatting. Maybe playing with a pet is the right kind of love on a day that often makes those who are single feel the loneliest. There is so much love in this world and it doesn’t have to come from a significant other. Maybe it’s just you, loving yourself for exactly the kind soul that you are.

    So with that being said, make sure you take the time on Valentine’s Day to spread any kind of love that you see fit. And if that happens to involve sharing or eating brownies, we’d love to help you out with that.

    Chocolate-dipped Brownie Hearts

    Chocolate-dipped Brownie Hearts

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