• How to have Fun Spooky Halloween Party Without a Scary Budget

    Halloween is here and that means Halloween parties are too. Here are some money saving tips for hosting a fun Halloween party on a small budget.

    1. DIY Costumes

    One of the most fun ways to save money during the Halloween season is by making your own costume! Costume stores can be expensive. Save a few bones this year and check out these Do It Yourself costume ideas, The link below lists 101 costumes you can create yourself without breaking the bank
    http://www.popsugar.com/smart-living/Cheap-Homemade-Halloween-Costumes-20064402?stream_view=1#photo-31670087. Chances are the kids will already have costumes if you plan on Trick-or-Treating, but make sure everyone is dressed for the occasion (and don’t forget the dog!)

    2. Games
    The game possibilities are endless! For the kids at your party, get out some flashlights and let them play flashlight tag. They will be occupied all night! Make sure you set boundaries beforehand, so everyone knows where they are allowed to be.

    A second game idea that everyone could enjoy is the name game. A friend of mine taught me this game years ago, and it can be played with any size group and is always a lot of fun! To play, you must have everyone write a name on a slip of paper; in keeping with the Halloween spirit, try themed names like Dracula, Frankenstein, Casper, etc. Everyone Then the slips are put in a bowl. Have somebody read the names aloud twice through. The reader does not guess or put a name in the bowl. Then go around the circle in order asking only yes or no questions. For example, “Joe, are you Frankenstein?” And he would answer yes or no. The names are never read again, so it’s fun to try and remember all of the names from the beginning then to remember what names are still in play as the game progresses. Once someone is identified they are out. The last person standing who has not been identified is the winner.

    3 . Scary Cheap Decorations

    What Halloween party is complete without clever themed decorations? This idea may seem simple, but it will make a big difference! Buy colored glow sticks and put them in the bottoms of your coolers. Everyone will be able to see what drink they’re grabbing in the dark, and it fits with the Halloween theme perfectly! (Glow Sticks are at Wal-Mart and Dollar Stores everywhere and average around 10¢ a stick) Of course there has to be a pumpkin on display somewhere! Enjoy carving some pumpkins with your family and place them around your home or yard with candles inside so they glow. They are super fun to make and also very fun for your guests to enjoy. A final party idea, one of my personal favorites comes from HGTV Magazine; Spider webs made from black trash bags. Not only is this idea affordable, it’s incredibly easy to make and will help spice up any room or space. The following link shows step by step instructions on how to construct them with ease http://www.hgtv.com/handmade/trash-bag-spider-webs/index.html

    Happy Halloween!

    Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 at 12:18
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