• Things to do on a Snow Day

    Imagine waking up one chilled morning. The weather is masked with flurries and the air is silent as the day begins. You turn on your television to the local news channel, and would you look at that: a snow day! If it is the weekend or your place of work is closed for the day, how can you spend it? The thought of sleeping in sounds immaculate, but alas, you are already up and about, enjoying the world coated with bright white from your window sill. Looks like you need something to do since sleeping is out of the question, and we have a few ideas of what can make a boring snow day into a cheerful memory.

    1. Catch up on that novel you’ve been putting off since August. What better way to enjoy a day of relaxation than with a book you’ve been dying to finish? Jump down onto your favorite spot on the couch, grab the warmest blanket you own, and feel comfy knowing the day could not get any better than this.

    2. Snow day movie marathon? You better believe it! Grab your favorite movies and just binge out with a movie marathon for hours. Go at it alone, or grab a few friends; it will definitely be a day of intense laughter, tears, fears, and fun.

    3. Learn how to do something new! Remember that thing you always wanted to learn about, but never found the time? Well, here it is. Who knows, maybe learning how to knit, making your own macrame, or even learning how to start a fire without any matches, you will figure out something spectacular about yourself.

    4. Bake! What is better than a day of baking cookies or other treats? You can even turn it into a little get together by inviting your friends to bake with you. In the end, your kitchen will be filled with multiple types of cookies, pies covering the counter, and anything else that your sweet tooth desires.

    5. Catch up with family members. When you can’t see loved family members for long periods of times, it can really set your emotion gauge to “missing”. As long as the roads aren’t too bad, give them a visit! They would love the unexpected company. Or, do the same with a friend you have not seen in a long time.

    6.Spend time outside! Chances are, you’ll have to shovel the driveway as it is, so why not celebrate with a walk through the chilling beauty? Who knows, maybe this enchanted walk will lead you to your favorite hometown diner, or that little teashop you have been meaning to visit on the Main Street.

    However you decide to spend your “snow day” take at least a few minutes to appreciate the beauty of freshly fallen snow and the special day it has provided.

    Guest post contributed by Matt Howard

    Saturday, January 3rd, 2015 at 18:50
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