• A Spring Mindset

    Every year, spring is a delight. Even more so after a winter that has been particularly long and harsh. In just a few months of relative darkness, cold, and gray, the memories of delicate spring flowers and vibrant greenery can become so faint and faded. Each cold, snowy day in March can dawn with a gloomy threat that winter might just be forever this year.

    When a warm day or two finally allows us to ditch the heavy sweaters and coat and coaxes a few green shoots from the ground, it is no surprise that we feel lighter and more energized and ready to tackle spring cleaning, a neglected project, a new class, or really anything that needs tackling.

    My extreme joy in greeting this spring after the very rough winter here in the Northeast got me thinking about how at times we can fall into a “winter mindset” that has nothing to do with the season itself, where things seem dark and lack growth and feel as if they might remain this way indefinitely. In these times, how can we remind ourselves that winter will eventually melt away and what can we do to shift into the energy of a “spring mindset”?

    Here are a few thoughts I had that might work for me.

    — Flowers bring me such joy, that I am thinking that they offer some ways to boost my mood and help shift my mindset. A visit to a glorious garden or park such as the New York botanical garden or Wave Hill would do the trick in all but winter.
    — I could create a file on my computer compiling beautiful flower photos I’ve taken along with inspirational notes from my spring self to my winter self and I could journey through this file when things are dark.
    — Yoga, a walk, or coffee and conversation with a friend could also provide the equivalent of a gentle spring breeze to guide me into a milder frame of mind.

    Please leave your comments about ways that you’ve found to adjust your mindset to what I’m calling a spring mindset.

    First spring flowers 2015

    Love these little flowers. They are very delicate but have no fear showing up before it even appears to be spring and will even push up through the snow.

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