• Being Fresh

    Being fresh is a high priority at Sweet Muse. That’s why when orders come in, we don’t pull any brownies “off the shelves”. Our customers expect and deserve that soft, fudgy, melt in your mouth experience of a freshly baked brownie and that’s what we deliver.

    Orders are baked fresh either the day they come in or the next day. The brownies are allowed to cool and then are individually hand wrapped to keep them their freshest until they arrive to delight their intended recipient.

    We often get questions about shelf life. Well, we like our brownies to be eaten as soon as possible so they are at their most delicious – and usually we hear that they didn’t last very long! Two weeks is about the point where we feel the flavor/texture starts to decline. They don’t “go bad” at that point — In fact, many customers have insisted they totally enjoyed their brownies even a month after receiving them — they just aren’t quite as fresh. And we like to be fresh.

    Sweet Muse brownies do not include preservatives, so they cannot sit on the counter for months as many baked products in convenience and grocery stores do. We see it as a positive that our brownies are not shelf stable to that degree. We use actual eggs (not powdered, or egg substitute), butter (not oil or trans-fat laden ingredients), and premium dark chocolate to provide a high quality indulgence. We leave out the stabilizers and enhancers that can help provide the illusion of freshness.

    If you have too many brownies to enjoy within two weeks (not the worst of problems), and aren’t interested in sharing (we don’t blame you), you can pop Sweet Muse brownies in the refrigerator to extend freshness for another couple of weeks, or put them in a zip-lock bag in the freezer for up to 3 months. Pop one of those bad boys in the microwave for 30 seconds and you might swear it just came fresh out of the oven.

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