• No Resolutions for 2009

    It’s that time of year when many of us think about resolutions or goals for the new year. Over the past several years I’ve taken to setting intentions for the year rather than resolutions. With intentions, I can continually remind myself of what I want in my life and renew my intentions at certain points in the year if need be. There’s never the feeling that a resolution has been “broken”, which can too easily lead to abandoning the idea altogether.

    Here’s another take on approaching the New Year. I like this one quite a bit too.

    Forget the resolutions. Forget control and discipline…too much work. Instead try experimenting. Go in search of something to fall in love with…something about yourself, your career, your spouse. — Dale Dauten

    So often the impulse when trying to improve and enrich our lives is to clamp down and work harder to change something we feel doesn’t measure up. What if we instead more fully embraced what is great in our lives?

    Whether you decide to make resolutions, set intentions, or more fully embrace what you love about your life, may 2009 be a fulfilling and fabulous year for you!

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