• Raspberry swirls

    The July Special Edition flavor is The Leslie, a blondie base that’s rich with the flavors of butter, brown sugar, and vanilla and topped with a luscious swirl of raspberry preserves.

    The Leslie was named after Leslie from leslielovesveggies who suggested the flavor as part of the recent flavor contest, and as such, I was very pleased that the brownies met with her approval. Here are some of her comments after tasting her namesake treat.

    That raspberry tastes fresh picked off the vine! And the Blondie is BETTER than homemade, rich and Buttery and oh soooo Good! That has to be the Best Blondie I have ever had! Delish without being Cloyingly Sweet and overpowering. AND the serving size is JUST right!!!

    While Sweet Muse will be closed for a summer break during a portion of August, we will continue to feature the Leslie blondie next month, so you can still try it yourself for a limited time.

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