• Getting Outside

    After such a brutally cold and long winter in the Northeast, it was even more of a pleasure this year to see things green up and flower and to step outside feeling the warmth of the sun. I always greet spring enthusiastically, but his year it was at a whole new level!

    This spring was also the first time Sweet Muse stepped out to participate in outdoor markets. We were part of Fall Crafts at Lyndhurst this past September and opted to try Spring Crafts this May. In addition, Sweet Muse spent weekends in April at the LIC Flea and then filled out the rest of May with LIC Flea on Saturday and Astoria Flea on Sunday. Whew! It was a lot of days spent outdoors in the many variables of spring weather.

    Some of the days were as beautiful as you could be imagined with sunshine and warm breezes. Others, were far beyond blustery and marked by heavy downpours. We learned how to anchor our tent, weigh down all items in the booth, and react to and then recover after sudden torrents of rain (and in some cases the mud that followed). While it all doesn’t quite qualify as an outdoor survival class, it’s probably the closest I will ever come to one. (I’ve attached a couple of pictures below of the highs and the lows of setting up outside.)

    Despite the challenges the weather threw our way, being outside for so many hours felt invigorating and refreshing. I realized how little time I typically spend outdoors even when the weather is nice, and I intend to improve on that.

    But, the absolute best part of participating in so many markets was getting out and meeting and sharing Sweet Muse brownies with so many people. I loved speaking with everyone who stopped by the booth and really appreciate everyone who came over, sampled a brownie, and maybe even spent a little time chatting with us. It was so great to meet you and to hear your feedback about our brownies and flavors, especially the daily Special Editions.

    Over the next couple months, while we are not at any markets, we will be thinking about everything we heard from our customers and updating and planning for the busy fall and holiday season using all that we learned. Also, having gained even more appreciation for the benefits of time outdoors, I’ll make sure to leave some time for a little more regenerating time outside.

    Sweet Muse in spring sunshine

    Some days we had an idyllic little brownie cottage.

    Sweet Muse battered by the wind

    Other days were more difficult.

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